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  1. Army AIT Graduation Ceremony
    Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this video. This is some footage from Mindy's AIT Graduation Ceremony. Sawyer and I surprised her with a party, too
  2. New Girlfriend & the Military
    Answering questions about the military and talking about whether my WCW is my new girlfriend lol.
  1. Vlog: Unedited Thoughts
    Hi my name is Tonneli. I'm a happily married navy wife, with a dream job, and I'm currently 5 months pregnant... There's only one catch: I don't want a baby.
  2. VLOG .14 / Road Trip Goodbye
    Hello I'm Jadashia! I'm just a southern bell who fell in love with a woman. I married the love of my life on July 14 (Deandrea) who is currently a soldier in the U.S. Army ! So yeah welcome to the life of a lesbian army wife who is just trying to handle all the obstacles life throws! Enjoy. Xoxoxos ❤
  3. 4 Types of Businesses You Could Start Today
    Kayla Roof details the 4 Types of Businesses You Could Start Today that would allow you to work from anywhere. Kayla Roof is a business advisor for ambitious military spouses who would like to create a PCS Proof Business. Access my free Idea Starter Kit at
  4. Air Force Wife Life Vlog 3 | Basic Training- Where Is My LETTER?!
    Hey! I’m Brittny Christina and welcome to my channel. This vlog series was documented (October – November 2015) while I was beginning my adventures of becoming an air force wife. While some things have change since the filming of this clip, some things still do remain the same. You will witness RAW & REAL emotions of a twenty something wife who is not only discovering herself but her new lifestyle as well. I welcome you all to this journey along with me and hope I can share some wisdom that you can use in your own adventure. Thank you for welcome and see you in the next clip.
  5. Lesbian Army Wife Struggles
    LGBT Military Couples -- Where are you ?!
  6. Lesbian Air Force Fiancee// Let's Play Catch Up!!
    I'm back and this vlog is an "everything" vlog. I've been so busy the past two months or so and now I'm back!! The vlog is a little ranty but it's about where I'm going with this channel and what's happened since I was gone!
  7. Words of Advice For New Military Spouses
    At Southern New Hampshire University, we understand the sacrifices and challenges military service members and their spouses experience in serving our country. We asked military spouses to share their words of advice and support to other milspouses.
  8. Confessions of a Military Spouse
    My struggles and personal opinions as a military spouse.
  9. Military Spouse 101: The Pros & Cons!
    Hello Lovelies & Welcome to our channel! We are two friends that would love to be your go to girls for make up, hair, relationships, parenting, and product reviews! We post new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!
  10. We're Moving! PCS | April 2016
    Welcome! Vlogging military family that is currently living on a military post! Kelley & Martin have been married since 2011 & have two amazing kids, Alexia and Lukas. We are currently trying for baby number three! We love capturing these moments on video and we love connecting with our subscribers! Please SUBSCRIBE (it's free!) to become part of our family! xo
  11. Military Advice for Spouses
    This is a response video from the video I made asking for advice from military wives! Thank you to the women who offered their wonderful advice! I also included a ton of bloopers just for fun!
  12. Once silent, gay military couple now 'out and proud'
    Col. Patsy Thompson served in the military while hiding her lesbian relationship for more than two decades. Thompson and her partner Barbara Brass have been together for 30 years. Video recording by Cynthia Hubert; Photographs by Renée C. Byer; Editing by Madeline Lear.
  13. MSOY17 Nominations Are Now Open | It's coming...and it's bigger than ever. You don't want to miss the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year award by Military Spouse Magazine. Nominations are open to ALL until January 31st!
  14. Coming Out In The Air Force
    In this episode I talk with Lauri about life in the Air Force in the early 1980's and how being gay affected her service.