Army Acryoms 


AAFES (A-Fees): Army, Air Force Exchange System

AAM: Army Achievement Medal

AAR: After Action Review

ABT: Annual Battle Training

ACAP (A-cap): Army Career and Alumni Program

ACS: Army Community Service

ACU: Army Combat Uniform

AD: Active Duty

AER: Army Emergency Relief

AFAP: Army Family Action Plan

AFN: Armed/American Forces Network

AFTB: Army Family Team Building

AG: Adjutant General

AGR: Active Guard Reserve

AIT: Advanced Individual Training

AKO: Army Knowledge Online

AMMO: Ammunition

ANCOC (A-knock): Advanced Noncommissioned Officers’ Course

AO: Area of Operations

APC: Armored Personnel Carrier

APDES: Army Physical Disability Evaluation System

APFT: Army Physical Fitness Test

APO: Army Post Office

AR: Army Reserves

ARCOM (Are-com): Army Commendation Medal

ARNG: Army National Guard

ARTEP: Army Training Evaluation Program

ASAP (A-sap): As soon as possible, also Army Substance Abuse Program

AUSA: Association of the United States Army

AVN: Aviation

AWOL (A-wall): Absent Without Leave


BAH: Basic Allowance for Housing

BAS: Basic Allowance for Subsistence (food allowance)

BC: Bradley Commander or Battalion Commander or Brigade Commander

BCT: Basic Combat Training or Brigade Combat Team

BDE: Brigade

BDU: Battle Dress Uniform

BEQ: Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (for NCOs)

BN: Battalion

BNCOC (B-knock): Basic Noncommissioned Officers’ Course

BOQ: Bachelor Officers Quarters

BSM: Bronze Star Medal

BX: Base Exchange (AF) – Army refers to it as PX (Post Exchange)


CAB: Combat Action Badge

CASCOM: Combined Arms Support Command

CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive

CCMRF CBRNE: Consequence Management Response Force (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive)

CDC: Child Development Center

CDS: Child Development Services

CFC: Combined Federal Campaign

CG: Commanding General

CHAMPUS: Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services

CHPPM (Chip-um): Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine

CIB: Combat Infantry Badge

CID: Criminal Investigation Division (Army’s FBI)

CINC: Commander In Chief

CLT: Casualty Liaison Team

CMB: Combat Field Medical Badge

CO: Commanding Officer

COA: Course of Actions or Certificate of Appreciation/Achievement

COB: Close of Business

COC: Chain of Command

COE: Center of Excellence

COL: Colonel

COLA (Cola, like the drink): Cost of Living Allowance

CONUS (cone-us): Continental United States

CP: Command Post

CPL: Corporal (E-4 pay with leadership, like a NCO)

CPO: Civilian Personnel Office

CPX: Command Post Exercise

CQ: Charge of Quarters (duty after regular hours)

CSA: Chief of Staff Army

CSM: Command Sergeant Major

CYS: Community Youth Services


DA: Department of the Army

DAC (Dak): Department of the Army Civilian

DC: Dental Corp

DCINC (d-sink): Deputy Commander-in-Chief

DCU: Desert Combat Uniform

DeCA: Defense Commissary Agency

DEERS (deers, like the animal): Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

DENTAC: US Army Dental Activity

DEP(dep): Delayed Entry Program

DEROS (d-ros): Date of Estimated Return from Overseas

DF: Disposition Form (sometimes referred to as a “buck slip”)

DFAC (D-Fac): Dining Facility

DFAS: (d-fas) Defense Finance and Accounting System

DI: Drill Instructor

DISCOM (dis-com): Divisional Support Command

DITY (Ditty): Do It Yourself Move

DIVARTY (div-r-t): Division Artillery; FA units of a division

DLA: Dislocation allowance

DOB: Date of birth

DOD (Dod): Department of Defense

DODDS (Dods): Department of Defense Dependants Schools

DODEA: Department of Defense Education Activity

DOR: Date of Rank

DOS: Date of Separation

DS: Drill Sergeant

DSN: Defense Switched Network

DTP: Delayed Training Program

DZ: Drop Zone


EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity

EER: Enlisted Evaluation Report

EFMB: Expert Field Medical Badge

EFMP: Exceptional Family Member Program

EIB: Expert Infantry Badge

EN: Enlisted

EO: Equal Opportunity

EOD: Explosive Ordinance Disposal

ERB: Enlisted Record Brief

ESC: Enlisted Spouses Club

ESGR: Employer Support of Guard and Reserve

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

ETD – Estimated Time of Departure

ETS: Expiration of Term of Service

EWC: Enlisted Wives Club


FA: Field Artillery

FAC: Family Assistance Center

FCP: Family Care Plan

FLO: Family Liaison Office

FOB (Fob): Forward Operating Base

FORSCOM (For’s-com): Forces Command

FRG: Family Readiness Group

FRO: Family Readiness Officer

FRSA: Family Readiness Support Assistant

FSA: Family Separation Allowance

FTX: Field Training Exercise


GCM: Good Conduct Medal

GI: Government Issue

GO: General Officer

GS: General Schedule

GWOT-E: Global War On Terror-Expeditionary medal

GWOT-S: Global War On Terror-Service medal


HH6: HouseHold Six (refers to spouse at home who stands “behind” their soldier)

HHB: Headquarters and Headquarters Battery

HHC: Headquarters and Headquarters Company

HHG: Household Goods

HHT: Headquarters and Headquarters Troop

HOR: Home of Record

HQ: Headquarters

HRAP (h-rap): Health Risk Appraisal Program

HS: Home Station

HTRAP (h-rap): Hometown Recruiting Assistance Program

HUMMER: Highly Mobile, Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, a.k.a. Humvee


IADT: Initial Active Duty Training

IDT: Inactive Duty Training

IE: Initial Entry

IED: Improvised Explosive Device

IET: Initial Entry Training

IG: Inspector General

IMA: Individual Mobilization Augmentee

IO: Information Officer or Inspecting Officer

IRF: Immediate Reaction Force

IRR: Individual Ready Reserve

ITB: Infantry Training Brigade

ITT: Information Tours and Travel


JAG (jag): Judge Advocate General

JCS: Joint Chiefs of Staff

JPPSO: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office

JSLIST: Joint Service Lightweight Integration Suit Technology

JTF: Joint Task Force

JUMPS: Joint Uniformed Military Pay System


KIA: Killed in Action

KISS: Keep it simple stupid/sweetie

KP: Kitchen Patrol


LES: Leave and Earnings Statement (his pay stub)

LOD: Line of Duty

LZ: Landing Zone


MACOM: Major Army Command

MC: Medical Corp

MEB: Medical Evaluation Board

MEDCOM: Medical Command

MEDDAC: US Army Medical Department Activity

MEPS (meps): Military Entrance Processing Station

MGIB: Montgomery GI Bill

MHO: Medical Hold Over

MI: Military Intelligence

MiCAP: Mileage Capability

MIA: Missing In Action

MILES (miles): multiple integrated laser engagement system

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty

MP: Military Police

MRB: Medical Retention Board

MRE: Meals Ready to Eat

MSC: Medical Specialty Corp

MSM: Meritorious Service Medal

MSO: Morale Support Officer

MTF: Military Treatment Facility

MWR: Morale, Welfare and Recreation


NAF: Non-Appropriated Funds

NATO (Nato): North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCO: Non Commissioned Officer

NCOER: NCO Evaluation Report

NCOIC: NCO in Charge

NG: National Guard

NLT: Not Later Than

NPS: Non Prior Service


O: Officer

OBC: Officer’s Basic Course

OCONUS (Oh-Cone-us: Outside Continental United States

OCS: Officer Candidate School

OER: Officer Efficiency Report

OHA: Overseas Housing Allowance

ORB: Officer Record Brief

ORE: Operational Readiness Exercise

OSC: Officer Spouses’ Club

OSUT (oh-sut): One Station Unit Training

OWC: Officers’ Wives Club


PAC (Pack): Personal Administration Center

PAD: Patient Administration Division

PAO: Public Affairs Officer

PCS: Permanent Change of Station

PDA: Physical Disability Agency

PDHRA: Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment

PDQ: Pretty Damn Quick

PDRL: Permanent Disability Retirement List

PEB: Physical Evaluation Board

PEBLO: Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer

PHA: Periodic Health Assessment

PHHGSIA – Personal Household Goods Shipment Is Authorized 

PLDC: Primary Leadership Development Course (now WLC)

PMOS: Primary Military Occupational Specialty

POA: Power of Attorney

POC: Point of Contact

POV: Privately Owned Vehicle

POW: Prisoner of War or Personally Owned Weapon

PS: Prior Service

PT: Physical Training

PX: Post Exchange



QM: Quartermaster

QTRS: Quarters



RA: Regular Army

RBI: Reply by endorsement

RC: Reserve Component

RD: Rear Detachment (also referred to as “Rear D”)

RDC: Rear Detachment Commander

RDF: Ranger Dining Facility or Rapid Deployment Force

REGT: Regiment

RFO: Request For Orders

RHHT: Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Troop

RIF (riff): Reduction in Force

RIP: Ranger Indoctrination Program

RLTW: Rangers Lead The Way

RON: remain overnight (TDY)

ROTC (sometimes called rot-see): Reserve Officer Training Course

R&R: Rest and Relaxation/Recreation

RSO: Ranger Safety Officer


S-1 – Adjutant

S-2 – Information and Security

S-3 – Planning and Training

S-4 – Supply Officer

SBP: Survivor Benefits Program

SD: Staff Duty

SDO: Staff Duty Officer

SGLI: Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance

SHAPE (shape): Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

SOCOM (so-com): Special Operations Command

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SOUTHCOM (south-com): Southern Command (Miami)

SQT: Skill Qualification Test

SRB: Selective Reenlistment Bonus

SRP: Sustainable Range Program

SSN: Social Security Number


TA-50: Field equipment

TAP: Transition Assistance Program

TC: Truck Commander

TDRL: Temporary Disability Retirement List

TDY: Temporary Duty

TIG: Time In Grade

TLA: Temporary Living Allowance

TLE: Temporary Lodging Entitlement

TRADOC (tray-doc): Training and Doctrine Command

TSM: Transition Services Manager

TSP: Thrift Savings Plan

TTAD: Temporary Tour Active Duty


UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice

USACE: United States Army Corps Engineer

USAFE: U.S. Air Force Europe

USAPDA: United States Army Physical Disability Agency

USAR: United States Army Reserve

USAREC: United States Army Recruiting Command

USAREUR (use-ar-eur): U.S. Army Europe

USARJ: U.S. Army Japan

USGLI: United States Government Life Insurance

USO: United Service Organization

UXO: Unexploded Ordnance


VA: Veterans Affairs/Administration

VASRD: Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities

VEAP: Veterans Education Assistance Program

VGLI: Veterans Group Life Insurance

VHA: Variable Housing Allowance

VTC: Video TeleConference


WESTCOM: Western Command (Hawaii)

WG: Wage Grade

WIA: Wounded In Action

WLC: Warrior Leadership Course

WO: Warrant Officer


XO: Executive Officer