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This blog was created to bring awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ Spouses in the Military Community.  We all have a story and now we can share with one another. Check out these great articles and stay tune for the lastest posts!

"I am many things, but one of the things I am is a lesbian."  -Clare Balding

Military Spouse, Beautiful You
What does it mean to live you life as a military spouse supporting your service member?
  • It means you love with your whole heart
  • It means you support our military and spouse who serves
  • It means you are strong when its hard
  • It means you might give up things you want
  • It means you gain memories of a live time
  • It means you go places you never dreamed
  • It means you create wonderful friendships
  • ​It means you learn who you are and realize its okay to cry
  • You are a Military Spouse

Yes, you are beautiful in everyway. Never give up hope and always keep going.